New updates to iTools Import videos of any format to your iPhone

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ThinkSky is a professional software company focusing on iOS. Now that it has announced its flagship product, iTools, users will be able to import videos of all formats to iOS devices very quickly.

iTools is all about iPhone / iPad / iPod management software. It can transfer backups, contacts, apps, photos, music, videos, books, files, and files from any iOS device to a Windows PC or Mac in just a few clicks, and vice versa. ITools has helped over 10 million iOS users manage their iOS devices, making their Apple life happier and easier. But we will never stop improving iTools and making it better.

Please download iTools (iTools for Windows, iTools for Mac) to try. If you have a good idea about our iTools, please feel free to purchase it from our official website.

More and more people are enjoying watching videos and movies on their iPhone / iPad. Mobile technology allows people to watch their favorite movies or TV shows wherever they go and whenever they want. Sometimes people want to import videos from PC to iPhone. But for the video format limit, users cannot import videos directly. They need to find all kinds of video converters to convert that video first and it takes a long time.


How do I use iTools to transfer video from my computer to my iPhone?

Highlights from our new updates on ITools4:

Support almost all video formats including MP4 MP4 M4V , MOV , AVI , WMV MKV , 3GP

You do not have to worry about video formats when you want to import videos to your iPhone. iTools can now support all types of video formats.

Transfer speed from PC to your iPhone

If you transfer video (700MB, MKV formats, 720p) from PC to iPhone, the transmission time is less than 30 seconds. When other people are busy searching for a video converter, we start to enjoy the movie that we have already imported from the computer.