Download iTools iOS 10.2.1 to manage your iOS device

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Hey, do you enjoy the latest iOS firmware on your iPhone or iPad which was released on last January 23rd to the public? Yes, the Apple company has released the first minor update to their iOS 10.2 on last January and it is numbered as iOS 10.2.1. This update is release after 4 beta test to the public and it was exactly after 43 days of the public release of iOS 10.2 release to the public. Within the release note, they mentioned that this update is the concern some security improvements and bug fixes.So, have you update this latest version to your iOs 10 running device? Yes, we can see most iOS users update their devices and find an easy way to manage their devices. Ok, don’t worry, now you have the ability to use iTools iOs 10.2.1 to manage your iDevice.

itools iOS 10.2.1

Yes, we know many iOS users are waiting to use this latest iOS version within their device. So now they have the chance to use it within their precious devices. Yes, the iOS users who aware about the security features it is better to use this version within their devices. You can upgrade your device to the latest version through the OTA or manually by iTunes. Yes, if you are familiar with iTools you can do it via iTools too.

What can you gain from iTools iOS 10.2.1

When you use your iOS running iDevice then there will be many times that you need to manage it. So you can manage it via the iTunes. But do you experience about the iTunes? Yes, many iOS users are suffering from dealing with it, because it is confusing to use. Yes, now you can overcome this problem. You can use the lovely iTool to manage your iOS running device easily. Of course, you can use iTools to manage your latest iOS 10.2.1 running device too. Actually, you can install iTools iOS 10.2.1 within your windows and Mac running PCs.

iTools iOS 10.2.1 compatible devices

yes, I think if you are fresher to this fantastic iTools, then you may bother that whether my iOS 10.2.1 running device is compatible with this tool or not. don’t worry all the iOs 10.2.1 running devices can use this great tool to manage it easily. Yes, for your convenienceI will list down the compatible device list below.


  • iPhone category: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone SE
  • iPad Category: iPad pro models with 9.7 inch and 12.9, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad air, iPad air 2 and iPad 4
  • iPod Category: 6th Generation iPod touch

 iTools iOS 10.2.1 Features

With several situations, you want to manage your iOS 10.2.1 devices. so, at that time I have mentioned that you can gain the advantages of the iTools iOS 10.2.1. Ok, we can mainly categorize the iTools under three main categories called ” Device Management”, “Data Management” and ” Advanced features”. Under those categories, you can enjoy the below features.

  • Use clear cache and other memory cleanup options to enhance your device performance
  • Upgrade or downgrade your iOS device firmware
  • Enjoy battery saver option
  • Install and uninstall apps from the Apple App store
  • Enjoy the advanced backup and application backup features
  • Use the advanced restore function
  • Enjoy the fantastic customization features include wallpaper, ringtone etc
  • You can manage your contacts, images and applications and more other things with this
  • Share your contents between iOS and other devices
  • Advanced desktop management function


I think now you can collect more details about the iTools iOS 10.2.1. So, hurry, use this fantastic app to manage your iOS running device. But remember you need to have Windows Vista to Windows 10 running windows PC to use this great tool. If you use Mac device then it wants to be Mac 10.8 and the later version. OK, enjoy the features of the marvelous iTools app to manage your iOS device.