Everything new behind iTools 2018

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iTools is the most attention-grabbing and demanding offer as an alternative to Apple iTunes. It is unquestionably the perfect approach behind its features and performances. And iTools 2018 has been upgrading all those amazing contain for further support in this time. As usually, Mac OS X and Windows will lead the application to fulfill entire requests. Its wide-ranging functionalities with deeper relaxed facilities have no other competitor thus far. Those who truly consider a perfect media and data management should encounter iTools download without any barrier. Here is how it works and supports for almost all 64bit and 32bit iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

itools 2018

Download iTools 2018 with more features

In fact, iTools is an amazing option form those dedicated Apple users to administrate their iDevices. As we point out directly above, iTools 2018 has been recorded as the most attention-grabbing utility once more. iTools 4 that enlighten iTunes alternative list brought higher performances at this time. You can encounter all similar features of Apple’s official tool plus additional collectives as always. Though those options are identical, they are user-friendly and impressive than iTunes. And those further functions will let you enjoy and manage everything.

User-friendly approaches

The best deal of iTools download can be familiarizing its user-friendly appearance and even the performance too. The user interface apparently similar to iTunes UI with the same key position and all. The need of an optional method comes because of the complicated approach of the official manager. In such situation, iTools play a considerable role in the iDevice administration. From generation to another, iTools 2018 download made things easier and smoother. More than the edition in 2017, at this time, there is nothing to mess up with. Just bring the version 4.0 on your PC or Mac and check out ’s going on while you were far.

It applicable to iOS 7.0 to iOS 11.0 and even the latest iOS 11.2.1 as well.

New features

  • Files and Apps management
  • Ringtone creator
  • Real-Time screenshots
  • Image managing tool
  • Sharing audio tracks and music

Those who wish to perfectly draw and position files and all data can simply apply the utility on their machines and arrange every single thing clearly. Furthermore, backup and restore, AirPlay, battery master, Data migration and furthermore are most discussing activities that can collect through.

itools 2018

Download on your PC or Mac

Same as iTunes, iTools 4 can only set up on computers or laptops based on Mac OS X and Windows. There you have to confirm that you maintained iTunes latest version as well. Requirements are as below.

  • RAM: Should be 256 Megabytes or over
  • CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel
  • Disk Space should be around 40 Megabytes to download install the application

All you have to do is download the particular file and run it. And then open the user interface to handle whatever option in seconds. Behind its similarity to iTunes, you have nothing to confuse with. Just let your eyes capture each identical key and go through respectively.

By the way, the latest edition of iTools can be settled just for free. Make sure you collect the recent version. Enjoy new features and the appearance plus best performance. Stay tuned for further compatibilities and upgrades.