Download iTools 4 with enhanced possibilities

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Undeniably, iTools is the true and the tremendous management scheme substitute to Apple iTunes. It has been upgrading features plus movements recently and dwells as download iTools 4 which is free and very responsive. So here is everything what we reached through this challenging utility.


Download iTools 4 among competitors

As hang out at, hottest download iTools 4 as well hold back as a free obtainability with English support. The graphical user interface completely modified to become more user-friendly and nice-looking. And its workability became more outstanding and playing hardball. The frequent operating system support that workable over Mac OS X and Windows remain for whichever compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

By the way, iTools download latest version support iOS 7.0 up to the recent iOS 11 running iDevices. It is completely different from Apple’s official defender that the operator has to go deeper to accomplish a variety of chores. And even throughout you can escape from official deals that stand additionally and pop-up troublesome long-term procedures. Furthermore, though being modified, it made roles simple and plain for beginners too that can swiftly handle functionalities.

It has Data management, Device management, and Advanced features categories that hold separated features. Each particular function will state on the UI respectively that you can carry out by selecting one by one. Anyhow, iTools still required iTunes latest version to be there for a better support. Therefore, before you pull things for iTools 4, it would be better arrive at the recent update of iTunes on your Windows or Mac.

Features you will receive the latest version

  • Firmware setup or downgrade support
  • Device compatible status of recent iOS releases
  • Media file management in every category
  • Enhance the device administration
  • Better files, folders and documents management
  • Completely support for backups and restores
  • Bring the phone screen onto the desktop that specifically called desktop management
  • Branch out battery life
  • Get crash reports and resolve issues
  • Setup apps, games and themes in a proper manner
  • Hundreds of sources for both jailbreak and non-jailbreak status


Device compatibility

As indicated above, download iTools 4 is applicable on almost all iDevices. They should function iOS 7.0 to iOS 11 and will also support for further as well. Whichever iPhone or iPad model including latest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can list under its harmony in the relationship. Besides, the upcoming iPhone X too will be able to assist through from its launch on 3rd November 2017.


Check your eligibility since you only able to establish this package if running Windows XP/Vista up to 10 and Mac OS X 10.8.

Pros and cons of iTools


Of course, iTools has both good and bad effects that you should know. Compare to other players in the market, this offers you most excellent features while you can manage cons simply. And its appearance that related to Apple’s official will guide you and set free work through each option devoid of any complicated. Furthermore, you will encounter several collectives that Apple keeps far from you just for free.

As the only issue that we encounter thus far, it might get lazy sometimes for technical issues.

By the way, set up the best administrator for iOS that even brought you plenty of handling that you have to pay for nothing conveniently. Do not miss this cherished stroke of luck. Just shot it.