Everything new behind iTools 2018

iTools is the most attention-grabbing and demanding offer as an alternative to Apple iTunes. It is unquestionably the perfect approach behind its features and performances. And iTools 2018 has been upgrading all those amazing contain for further support in this time. As usually, Mac OS X and Windows will lead the application to fulfill entire requests. Its wide-ranging functionalities with deeper relaxed facilities have no other competitor thus far. Those who truly consider a perfect media and data management should encounter iTools download without any barrier. Here is how it works and supports for almost all 64bit and 32bit iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

itools 2018

Download iTools 2018 with more features

In fact, iTools is an amazing option form those dedicated Apple users to administrate their iDevices. As we point out directly above, iTools 2018 has been recorded as the most attention-grabbing utility once more. iTools 4 that enlighten iTunes alternative list brought higher performances at this time. You can encounter all similar features of Apple’s official tool plus additional collectives as always. Though those options are identical, they are user-friendly and impressive than iTunes. And those further functions will let you enjoy and manage everything.

User-friendly approaches

The best deal of iTools download can be familiarizing its user-friendly appearance and even the performance too. The user interface apparently similar to iTunes UI with the same key position and all. The need of an optional method comes because of the complicated approach of the official manager. In such situation, iTools play a considerable role in the iDevice administration. From generation to another, iTools 2018 download made things easier and smoother. More than the edition in 2017, at this time, there is nothing to mess up with. Just bring the version 4.0 on your PC or Mac and check out ’s going on while you were far.

It applicable to iOS 7.0 to iOS 11.0 and even the latest iOS 11.2.1 as well.

New features

  • Files and Apps management
  • Ringtone creator
  • Real-Time screenshots
  • Image managing tool
  • Sharing audio tracks and music

Those who wish to perfectly draw and position files and all data can simply apply the utility on their machines and arrange every single thing clearly. Furthermore, backup and restore, AirPlay, battery master, Data migration and furthermore are most discussing activities that can collect through.

itools 2018

Download on your PC or Mac

Same as iTunes, iTools 4 can only set up on computers or laptops based on Mac OS X and Windows. There you have to confirm that you maintained iTunes latest version as well. Requirements are as below.

  • RAM: Should be 256 Megabytes or over
  • CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel
  • Disk Space should be around 40 Megabytes to download install the application

All you have to do is download the particular file and run it. And then open the user interface to handle whatever option in seconds. Behind its similarity to iTunes, you have nothing to confuse with. Just let your eyes capture each identical key and go through respectively.

By the way, the latest edition of iTools can be settled just for free. Make sure you collect the recent version. Enjoy new features and the appearance plus best performance. Stay tuned for further compatibilities and upgrades.

Pull things together for upcoming iTools 11.2

The iOS 11.2 is the recent chapter of the eleventh OS that turned a couple of days back. For the third beta as well has been addressed the gather, it seems there is no more than few days for the utter major update. The promised new payment system called Apple Pay cash and that puts in an order via Messages app will be there for the first time behind the coming proclamation. However, for it is going to be the next that everyone should upgrade to enhance their possibilities plus expose security features; we bring forth bottom line facts of iTools 11.2. So let’s make a break for the ambitious iDevice mainframe to tend toward, which will launch in the near future.

itools 11.2

Why iTools download?

As for numerous reports testify, iTools download is the neighboring possible choice to the official dealer iTunes. All features are identical and even the graphical user interface as well being same. But of course, it contained bonus features as well. Anyhow, the reason behind having plenty of alternatives for iTunes is its tough and knotty standard even being the official. Therefore, the most prevailing deal that we should compare with some other media managing tool is it must be simpler than stuffy iTunes. Moreover, it would be exceptional partake more functionalities than the frequent.

Thus, it is the iTools 11.2 that you are in this direction with. It solemnizes each and every single thing you longing in conjunction with the accessory.

More about the recent version

The recent iTools version 4.0 exposed many features, possibilities and has been fixed prior bugs for a better upkeep. Anyone, who desire to forsake iTunes and turn to an alternative can reach iTools 4.0 from now.

Features you will receive through iTools 11.2

itools 11.2

By the way, here is the list of a couple of features we put in order any newbie to get an idea on the subject of. You can open the interface and check each icon for respective features.

  • Check the recent version
  • Upgrade or downgrade the firmware
  • Battery Master to check its current status and maintain healthier
  • Airplay feature to experience the device screen in a better manner
  • Migrate files, folders and any data package safely
  • Magnificent backup and restore options
  • Form ringtones own ringtone types
  • Put everything in a good shape


iTools for iOS 11.2 supports all 64-bit iDevices including newest iPhone 8 Plus/8 and iPhone X in accordance with the list given below.

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 2, model 3
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Pro
  • 6th Generation iPod Touch

iTools 11.2 on your PC or Mac

itools 11.2

Same as iTunes that can set up on Macintosh or Windows, iTools free as well can settle on both platforms. In accordance with requirements, Mac OS X 10.8 or higher and Windows XP – 10 have to confirm for the establishment. If you already got the utility on your PC, upgrade it to the recent iTools 4 download. And there you should keep iTunes too since it has to assist iTools.

By the way, iTools 11.2 download is about to reach. If you eager the tool, it does not matter for the latest version able to support almost all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models running any iOS version up to iOS 11.1.1.

Download iTools 4 with enhanced possibilities

Undeniably, iTools is the true and the tremendous management scheme substitute to Apple iTunes. It has been upgrading features plus movements recently and dwells as download iTools 4 which is free and very responsive. So here is everything what we reached through this challenging utility.


Download iTools 4 among competitors

As hang out at, hottest download iTools 4 as well hold back as a free obtainability with English support. The graphical user interface completely modified to become more user-friendly and nice-looking. And its workability became more outstanding and playing hardball. The frequent operating system support that workable over Mac OS X and Windows remain for whichever compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

By the way, iTools download latest version support iOS 7.0 up to the recent iOS 11 running iDevices. It is completely different from Apple’s official defender that the operator has to go deeper to accomplish a variety of chores. And even throughout you can escape from official deals that stand additionally and pop-up troublesome long-term procedures. Furthermore, though being modified, it made roles simple and plain for beginners too that can swiftly handle functionalities.

It has Data management, Device management, and Advanced features categories that hold separated features. Each particular function will state on the UI respectively that you can carry out by selecting one by one. Anyhow, iTools still required iTunes latest version to be there for a better support. Therefore, before you pull things for iTools 4, it would be better arrive at the recent update of iTunes on your Windows or Mac.

Features you will receive the latest version

  • Firmware setup or downgrade support
  • Device compatible status of recent iOS releases
  • Media file management in every category
  • Enhance the device administration
  • Better files, folders and documents management
  • Completely support for backups and restores
  • Bring the phone screen onto the desktop that specifically called desktop management
  • Branch out battery life
  • Get crash reports and resolve issues
  • Setup apps, games and themes in a proper manner
  • Hundreds of sources for both jailbreak and non-jailbreak status


Device compatibility

As indicated above, download iTools 4 is applicable on almost all iDevices. They should function iOS 7.0 to iOS 11 and will also support for further as well. Whichever iPhone or iPad model including latest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can list under its harmony in the relationship. Besides, the upcoming iPhone X too will be able to assist through from its launch on 3rd November 2017.


Check your eligibility since you only able to establish this package if running Windows XP/Vista up to 10 and Mac OS X 10.8.

Pros and cons of iTools


Of course, iTools has both good and bad effects that you should know. Compare to other players in the market, this offers you most excellent features while you can manage cons simply. And its appearance that related to Apple’s official will guide you and set free work through each option devoid of any complicated. Furthermore, you will encounter several collectives that Apple keeps far from you just for free.

As the only issue that we encounter thus far, it might get lazy sometimes for technical issues.

By the way, set up the best administrator for iOS that even brought you plenty of handling that you have to pay for nothing conveniently. Do not miss this cherished stroke of luck. Just shot it.

Download iTools iPhone X to manage it properly

This is the tenth year of the Apple’s iPhone Line. So, to celebrate their 10th Anniversary the Quick-witted Apple Engineers has paid their attention and finally offer the giant iPhone X to the public. Of course, the September Keynote was held in last September 12th at the Steves Jobs theater. Within that, they have declared about their latest Apple Products including iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 4K Apple TV, and LTE updated Apple Watch. Among them, the X release was the giant release and now it has become a more informative product. On the ground, if you too wish to own one of it then you need to know properly manage the device. Concerning on the fact, here today we have provided details about download iTools for iPhone X. So, here we go.

iTools for iPhone X

As all of us know iTunes available for you to manage your iDevice. But would you feel free to use it? Actually, due to its complexity, it is difficult to use iTunes. Considering the fact, now you can use the iTools for easily manage your handset. Of course, iTools got the same features of iTunes and provide a better way to easily manage your iOS running device. It is updated to the latest iOS firmware and provides the easy access for you. And now with the arrival of the giant iPhone X with the 11th iOS chapter, you can use iTools to manage your device.

iPhone X in brief note

As I mentioned this X product is offered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and, the product contains more admirable features that you could never be experienced before. Yeah, within the X product they have introduced the wireless charging feature, Facial Recognition technology with 3d Sensors, An OLED display with 5.8 inches, Fully glassed body with Silver and Space Gray color range, IP68 rated dust and water resistant, A11 bionic chip and more other features. Anyhow, they haven’t started to deliver the iPhone x all around the world. according to the remaining facts, they accept pre-orders from 27th of October and the shipping process starts from 3rd of November.

iTools for iPhone X

And the iPhone X price range begins with $999 for 64GB and $1149 for 256GB devices. Anyhow, they haven’t started to deliver the iPhone x all around the world. According to the remaining facts, they accept pre-orders from 27th of October and the shipping process starts from 3rd of November.

iTools download for iPhone X

Well, after purchasing the iPhone X it may difficult you to familiar to the product. Because some of the iPhone X and the iOS 11 features will strange for you. At the time it is vital for you to have a method to easily manage the device. Of course, you can use iTools for that. iTools download is a free application available to download and it complies with the both Windows and Mac running devices. In recently you have the access to download iTools v4.2.0.6 as the latest version around 32MB in size.

when you use iTools to manage your iDevice it will help you to have a complete backup and restore, Advanced customizing features, Battery management, Better management for contact, photos, phone app photo Etc, Memory clean up, firmware upgrade and downgrade, Data sharing between Android and iOS running devices and more.

iTools for iPhone X

Finally, after the iPhone X available around the world you can use this smart iTool download to easily manage your device. So, gain the features from it and if you wish to know more, then you can stay tuned with us.

Manage your latest updated iDevice with iTools iOS 10.3.3

For the ones like keeping the iDevice under stable processing are now offered the latest iOS 10.3.3. Just as expected it is home to various fixes and slight internal changes to make your device’s iOS run stable. But how would that be possible when you are in need of proper management? Knowing what the need of every iOS user is, here we write you with iTools iOS 10.3.3 as the best utility for the whole iOS handling. And remember this is more productive at the same time with better help than Apple’s own iTunes.

iTools iOS 10.3.3

Coming through an extensive beta cycle contained 6 versions, iOS 10.3.3 came to the public domains about two weeks ago. And as promised throughout the testing era, it is focused on fixes and slight changes in the internals rather than anything new for the features. And of the reasons why one should Install iOS 10.3.3, the patch it contains over the Broadpwn exploit is notable which has let some hackers to take control of some of the devices through the WiFi chip. And along with that, it is more with fixes that one can be happy taking which supported for both 32-bit and 64-bit devices.

Why iTools iOS 10.3.3?

If you take your move to iTools Download, you would never get apart from it. In fact, it is with that much ease in every aspect of the iOS management with same inspiration to the iTunes but with a lot more. From all above, it is 100% comprehensible for the user which is I find a perfect solution for any one tired with Apple’s own iTunes complications. In fact, iTools is for all level users in contrast to the iTunes in focus the advanced user. So Download iTools free is easy as well as profitable at all sides. With iOS 10.3.3 now, just give a try to iTools iOS 10.3.3 Download to keep all handling under smooth administration on your latest upgraded device. But make sure you are compatible with the given listed devices and system requirements.


System Requirements for iTools 10.3.3

  • Windows OS- 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Windows XP and Vista
  • Mac – OS X 10.8 and later versions

Devices compatible with iTools iOS 10.3.3

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 6s/6s Plus
  • iPad mini 2, 3, and 4
  • Latest 6th Generation iPod Touch
  • iPad 4 and up
  • Latest iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • 9.7 /12.9 inches iPad Pro devices
  • iPhone SE

 Installation Guide through a Video

What’s Expecting with iTools 11 in the Future?

iTools gets updates with Apple’s software updates. So just as iTools 4.0 gets into iOS 10.3.3 devices, you will be able to Download iTools 11 once Apple makes the 11th iteration of the mobile operating system released. And it will too contain best customizing, support for backups/restores, firmware upgrading, and downgrading, all management to iOS files/applications, best monitoring to the battery, complete desktop management and all as you continued getting with some more additional.

If you are tired of all tight handling with the iTunes, it is the right move to iTools free. Having updated latest on iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch get into iTools iOS 10.3.3 now and make your need of best iOS management fulfilled. And if anything needs more in details while you are moving, feel free to reach us here through iTools iOS 10.

All about upcoming iTools Download iOS 11

To begin a new journey celebrating the tenth anniversary of iPhone, Apple announced iOS 11 the brand new 17K operating system to viewers in June 2017. Those who were excited already know how great the upcoming offer with wonderful plenty of functionalities throughout varies records narrated taking place. Though widely spread over 64-bit iPad series, many other features will address iPhone and iPod Touch chains as well. Demanding functions and appearances that contained made the session the prevalent proclamation ever. However, its handling might not that easy if not there will be iTools download iOS 11 support alternatively iTunes.

The beginning of iTools was a few years back with similar movements of iTunes standardly. All those respective iDevices running iOS 6.0 and over are supportive of any managerial decision. And the Chinese origin now comes with English support with more additional customs admirably. So you can download iTools latest version 4.0 and enjoy the most excellent dealing utility.

itools download ios 11

Why iTools download iOS 11 is so special?

Although famed as an alternative, without the support of iTunes, iTools cannot do many considerable deeds. Ending the third generation of its successful updates, the fourth version has been launched with the compatibility of all recent iOS updates. Even iTools download iOS 11 is yet to come, hope it as will rapidly launch just behind the announcement of iOS 11 after coming August. At the moment, the OS only has three developer betas and that will shortly success by the fourth and the second public beta. As frequently, all additional collectives of the recent third seed will add to the next second public update.

However, if you need the exact answer for why iTools for iOS 11 is so special, just go through the promised feature and amendment list and realize that there must be a considerable supportive hand to handle such gigantic game. Without that support, you may not be able to go to the bottom of. It is your responsibility to extract the spirit of each and every feature that contained worthily. iTools will make every single act simple and smooth on your iOS 11 running iPhone or iPad.

  • Expected features
  • Upgrade and downgrade ability for iOS versions
  • Media, documents, and any file share
  • Storage and battery inflate
  • Search out crash reports
  • Storage management and arrange things orderly
  • Create media files

itools download ios 11

How to download iTools for iOS 11

iTools download iOS 11 will probably leak a free downloadable edition for Windows and Mac OS X which will support the upcoming major iOS session. So then you can have the latest file with the latest version of iTunes for sharp reactions and movements. Once the application will state on your desktop, you can open the well-designed user interface with simple keys for any movement.

By the way, get ready your things to welcome the impending iOS 11 and the respective iTools edition as well which currently in experimental level. Hope there will be features we expected and many other new to make our activities laid back. Until that, you can handle iTools iOS 10.3.2 which will support you to well-organized things to properly be prepared for upcoming events.

iTools iOS 10.3.3- Best Utility for iOS Management

If you love upgrading your iOS for a stable run, the next thing comes to your mind is keeping everything in nice monitoring. Just as always, it is time for a new chapter of iTools in regard the firmware up in the future. If you in focus to the update next, turn iTools iOS 10.3.3 support here for everything perfectly managed. It is simply free and in the same inspiration to most known iTunes but with better comfortability. So read and find how iTools keep you with best iOS management via Windows and Mac.

iTools iOS 10.3.3

Apple mobile operating system looks busy in upgrading the firmware which to the date mark 10.3.2 as the latest. But this going to be soon changed as Apple has already started working for 10.3.3 next, which will too bring multiple fixes and slight changes to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In that way, those who need to keep the whole iOS run stable is now keeping the eye on 10.3.3. So do not miss the post today from which we are going make your 10.3.3 times better than ever. Of course, iTools is the best way for all iOS management in the same way for what iTunes is made for. So it is for the good time preparation for the firmware up in future.

iTools iOS 10.3.3 through Windows and Mac

When Apple gives its own way to iOS management, you might question why iTools Download? Of course, there are reasons clear as iTools is made for the same work frame of iTunes but in a better compatibility and more simplicity. So rather than iTunes for the advanced user, iTools is made for all user making easy access from beginners to any expert.

System Requirements

  • Mac – OS X 10.8 and later
  • Windows – 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and Vista

Supported Devices for iTools iOS 10.3.3

  • iPhone 5, 5c and iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPad mini 2, 3, and iPad mini 4
  • iPhone SE
  • 6th Generation iPod Touch
  • iPad 4
  • Latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • 9.7 inch and 12.9 inches iPad Pro

iTools iOS 10.3.3 Features

In compared to iTunes, iTools own more useful features. So read the following listed features and find out why iTools is called the complete replacement to iTunes when there is a lot more find in the same purpose. Simply, check out most notable features from all.

  • Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade also with a special feature to search for the most recent update
  • Complete application managing including installing, uninstalling, backups and more
  • All kind of data migration with better compatibility and faster performance
  • Multimedia handling
  • Super backups and restoring in all safe ride
  • Desktop management through Mac and Windows
  • Exclusive File Explorer that keep all file arrangements in a proper order
  • Battery management in a more supportive interface
  • Access to System log
  • All Customizing in a better compatibility
  • Manage Phone app, iBooks, Messages, Contacts, iTunes and much more

Video Guide to iTools Install

Heading iTools free, you can keep your iOS run smoothly. While enjoying, iTools for 10.3.2 latest, I brought this little note on iTools iOS 10.3.3 to make you well prepared for the coming firmware. Hope you have learned why we recommend iTools over iTunes. So in the winding up, we promise to come back with more details that you will love to know about this free iOS management utility once realized its true purpose. So stay signed.

iTools download 2017 and iTools for iOS 10.3.1!


Latest updates on iTools iOS 10.3.1

Apple mobile has able to release their third major update for the beta series as iOS 10.3 on the 27th of March and they have included some  brand new super features which have already touched the hearts of iOS users around the globe.  They have not stppoed from there, just after a one of this major release Apple mobile has come up with the idea for iOS 10.3.1 as a minor update to the iOS 10.3. This will provide complete solution for the security issues, WiFi flaws, dropping support for 32bit application and at last it will also release in bug fixes. Therefor iTools fans can be broaden their dreams to have iTools iOs 10.3.1 in near by future with some unique  and useful features and it will turn a new page in the jailbreaking history.



iTools download for iPhone!

As we all know iTools download comes as the best iOS manager for your any iDevice including iPhone, iPad and iPod since from a long time. You will surely have notified and maybe tired up with the complex and the advance structures and the options of the iTunes which is officially under the Apple mobiles company. But just after using this great utility tool iTools you will be able to identify its easy and simple way to manage your iDevice which is developed according to the concept of all can use. It will able to manage in every thing big and small thing in your device including providing advance access to any apps, games, desktop managing and even the customizing all media functions of your device.


iTools download

The best thing is this is completely free for its users and available in both Chinese and English languages and now the iTools download 2017 is also ready to serve its fans all around the globe. iTool 2017 ‘s user interface is more and extremely  simple and logical and no matter what you are hoping to do with iTools it is ready to get your job done. It has developed as a amazing utility tool for every now and then iOS users prioritizing the advance users as well.

In a such way iTools is consider as the best utility tool and alternative app for iTunes which you can manage via Windows and Mac. This iTools 2017 is providing its super support for all the iDevices starting from the iOS 10 firmware and it has upgraded till iOS 10.2 with some minor stages.


iTools download


But don’t trust us look at the pros and cons available in the following and understand the value of the iTools rather than using with the complex iTunes.


  • Easily understandable processes for the users
  • Inspired with many iTunes features
  • Having free device manager for iOS
  • Work with Windows and Mac
  • Having many notable features than iTunes
  • Supports all the 10th firmware
  • Having advance cache clearing options
  • Boosting device performances
  • Ability to backup, restore, manage apps and handle media
  • No extra configurations or installations


  • Having no access to iTunes
  • Having little slow issues in some devices

iTools download

iTools 2017 compatible devices:

  • Latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  •   iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  •  iPhone 5s
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPad 4
  • 9.7 inch – 12.9 inches iPad Pro models
  • 6th Generation iPod Touch



Download iTools iOS 10.2.1 to manage your iOS device

Hey, do you enjoy the latest iOS firmware on your iPhone or iPad which was released on last January 23rd to the public? Yes, the Apple company has released the first minor update to their iOS 10.2 on last January and it is numbered as iOS 10.2.1. This update is release after 4 beta test to the public and it was exactly after 43 days of the public release of iOS 10.2 release to the public. Within the release note, they mentioned that this update is the concern some security improvements and bug fixes.So, have you update this latest version to your iOs 10 running device? Yes, we can see most iOS users update their devices and find an easy way to manage their devices. Ok, don’t worry, now you have the ability to use iTools iOs 10.2.1 to manage your iDevice.

itools iOS 10.2.1

Yes, we know many iOS users are waiting to use this latest iOS version within their device. So now they have the chance to use it within their precious devices. Yes, the iOS users who aware about the security features it is better to use this version within their devices. You can upgrade your device to the latest version through the OTA or manually by iTunes. Yes, if you are familiar with iTools you can do it via iTools too.

What can you gain from iTools iOS 10.2.1

When you use your iOS running iDevice then there will be many times that you need to manage it. So you can manage it via the iTunes. But do you experience about the iTunes? Yes, many iOS users are suffering from dealing with it, because it is confusing to use. Yes, now you can overcome this problem. You can use the lovely iTool to manage your iOS running device easily. Of course, you can use iTools to manage your latest iOS 10.2.1 running device too. Actually, you can install iTools iOS 10.2.1 within your windows and Mac running PCs.

iTools iOS 10.2.1 compatible devices

yes, I think if you are fresher to this fantastic iTools, then you may bother that whether my iOS 10.2.1 running device is compatible with this tool or not. don’t worry all the iOs 10.2.1 running devices can use this great tool to manage it easily. Yes, for your convenienceI will list down the compatible device list below.


  • iPhone category: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone SE
  • iPad Category: iPad pro models with 9.7 inch and 12.9, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad air, iPad air 2 and iPad 4
  • iPod Category: 6th Generation iPod touch

 iTools iOS 10.2.1 Features

With several situations, you want to manage your iOS 10.2.1 devices. so, at that time I have mentioned that you can gain the advantages of the iTools iOS 10.2.1. Ok, we can mainly categorize the iTools under three main categories called ” Device Management”, “Data Management” and ” Advanced features”. Under those categories, you can enjoy the below features.

  • Use clear cache and other memory cleanup options to enhance your device performance
  • Upgrade or downgrade your iOS device firmware
  • Enjoy battery saver option
  • Install and uninstall apps from the Apple App store
  • Enjoy the advanced backup and application backup features
  • Use the advanced restore function
  • Enjoy the fantastic customization features include wallpaper, ringtone etc
  • You can manage your contacts, images and applications and more other things with this
  • Share your contents between iOS and other devices
  • Advanced desktop management function


I think now you can collect more details about the iTools iOS 10.2.1. So, hurry, use this fantastic app to manage your iOS running device. But remember you need to have Windows Vista to Windows 10 running windows PC to use this great tool. If you use Mac device then it wants to be Mac 10.8 and the later version. OK, enjoy the features of the marvelous iTools app to manage your iOS device.

iTools iOS 10.2 for all who waits for upcoming iteration

If you are too waiting to upgrade your iOS to upcoming iOS 10.2, here is the best software to handle the whole management. Simply head iTools iOS 10.2 which can arrange the clean management for your iOS 10.2 making you more relaxed to enjoy Apple’s latest iteration features. So be ready to get iOS 10.2 on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch letting iTools iOS 10.2 to handle the whole management role so easily.

iTools iOS 10.2

iOS 10.2 is currently in betas. By now you can find iOS 10.2 beta 5 released aiming the real-world testing. And that makes us closer to final iOS 10.2 which will be soon in view before this Christmas. So once the update is official you will be allowed iOS 10.2 Download via OTA and manually through iTunes. And as previous, the update will be available for all iDevice models that technically supported iOS 10 download so far.

Why iTools iOS 10.2?

With every new update, Apple makes the operating system feature-rich. So iOS 10.2 is the Apple’s second major attempt to make iOS 10 more stable and love to get. In fact the need of iTools Download would be important here, as you will find more to do with iOS 10.2. So head iTools iOS 10.2 free Download to have a complete iOS management with all clean handling.

iTools looks similar to iTunes. But in feature wise iTools is a lot capable than Apple’s own iTunes. And for the most important fact, iTools comes in an extreme simple interface as the complete solution for those who are tired working with iTunes. In that way you will feel really better working with iTools iOS 10.2 instead of iTunes.

Just like iTunes, iTools too works through Desktop. And as it works through both Mac and Windows, you can start it easily and more comfortably. So head iTools iOS 10.2 once iOS 10.2 allowed for public and try making your backups, application management, restoring, data migrate and all kind of tasks through iTools iOS 10.2 Download. And once you have a little try on iTools, you would never turn back to iTunes or any alternatives for sure and will be with iTools when upgrading iOS 10.3 too. So have your turn and enjoy Apple’s operating system with free and simple managing techniques.

iTools iOS 10.2-Supported Device

  • Latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4
  • 9.7 inch/12.9 inch iPad Pro models
  • 6th Generation iPod Touch
  • iPhone SE

iTools iOS 10.2 Features


There are many reasons to love iTools download and there are many reasons to wait for iTools iOS 10.2. So have a look on the quick roundup, where I have listed some favorites of mine hoping that would serve you too. So here are some of the highlighting iTools iOS 10.2 features.

  • Upgrade or Downgrade the firmware
  • Install/uninstall and handle the all kind of application tasks
  • Advanced Data migrating
  • Complete backups and super restoring
  • Comfortable desktop management through big screen
  • File Explorer to handle all file arrangements in the system
  • Preserve battery power of your iDevice with a fine report on how it functions
  • To find out the troubles with the system log
  • Check for the recent firmware updates
  • Manage iBooks, Mesaages, apps, contacts and more

Important: There is an exclusive feature in iTools, that can manage your jailbroken iDevice. So you can have a fine flow even with iOS 10.2 jailbreak if you make your turn to iTools download

Video Guide to iTools Install

With the iOS version on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, you can take use of iTools. So be ready for the complete iOS management on upcoming iOS 10.2 with the right turn to iTools iOS 10.2.

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