iTools 4 free for an excellent iDevice management

The iTools which discern to be the leading iTunes alternative recently launched its version 4 to the audience. Respective iDevice models now proficient to accomplish diversity of tasks swiftly and sharp. Features that brought since far turned out to be superior to earlier. However, download iTools 4 free on your Windows or Mac to run the show of the business.

Since we encounter iOS 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus during the September spring, there should be a brave supporter for all those hottest launches and the older ones too at the same time.

itools 4 free

iTools 4 free download as the recent version

Since iTools free was the bravest and the effective deal among iTunes alternatives since far, its version 4 endure the same that cannot compare with any other. Its functions will accomplish tasks swiftly without any flaw. Supplied resources increased and now come with hottest plus trendy offers.

By the way, the major goal of iTools was to be at service by its nature the most excellent possible choice of iTunes. Besides, its features are easier that comes via both similar to the official and unique. The user interface as well as comprehensible that you can manage procedures on your own.

But still, there you have to go by the way of iTunes that has to bring up to date often for proper iTools sustenance. Moreover, it opens you all features that come through separated categories of device/data management and advanced features. Anyhow, come together with the most excellent defender that makes you calmer with whatever chore.


itools 4 free

  • Ringtone creator
  • Influential and perfect backup and restore
  • Firmware management
  • Desktop arrangements
  • Portable disk
  • Explore files
  • Crash records
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Device memory cleaner
  • Work with iBooks, contacts, media, pictures and everything stored
  • Edit playlist
  • Check compatible and recently launched iOS versions

iTools 4 free compatibility

iTools 4 free has to set up on your Mac or Windows personal computer. The compatibility is as follow.

  • Apple Macintosh/Mac – OS X 10.8 and over
  • Windows – Windows XP to 10 including Vista

Installation guide

  • Its installation is simple and plain when you have already compiled minimum requirements.
  • First of all, update iTunes to the recent version
  • And then start searching iTools and download the file on your Mac/Windows
  • Pick up the downloaded package from where it saved and run it
  • The icon will light upon on your desktop. So you can then start function whichever features you desire to accomplish.

Winding up

itools 4 free

 By the way, the reason behind iTools download exist on the peak among competitors is vibrant for its user-friendly custom and modifications in accordance with trendy uses. Furthermore, its compatibility exposes over almost all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running iOS 11 and older. Long lists of features that are not complicated and additional requirements will not be able to encounter through any other skill. For there are some other beloved applications that Apple App Store does not, you can count them through iTools devoid of any confound. All these come just for free of charge that you will never come across through iTunes.


iTools iOS 10.0.1 Download for your iDevices

If you own any kind of iDevice like iPhone, iPod and iPad then you may know that the iOS firmware is updated to comply with the time. So when the iOS enhance the related software also need to be updated to cohere with the updated version. So you know in the 13th of September 2016 Apple has released the iOS 10 to the public. And now it has also release another updates to the version too. So today let we see how you can download iTools iOS 10.0.1 to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

iTools iOS 10.0.1

iTools for iOS 10.0.1 what is it?

Yes when we talk about the iTools first it wants to say that the iTools is an alternative to the iTunes. And it is most utility software that the users can use, also it is not much complex tool as the iTunes. So now the iPhone, iPod and iPad users are able to download iTools iOS 10.0.1 with comply with the latest iOS 10.0.1. You can use iTools with Mac or Windows PC and at that time your device will show as removable hard disk. Here with the help of iTools you can perform many tasks like install cracked apps then it will help you to install ipa apps and also users are able to insert songs to your device and many more.

iTools iOS 10.0.1 compatible devices

Here you know that the iTools supported devices are the devices which are compatible to the iOS 10 download. So we can list down the device list as

  • iPad Air and Air 2, iPad 4
  • iPad mini 2, mini 3 and iPad mini 4
  • iPad pro models of 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch
  • iPod 6th generation
  • iPhone 5, 5C and 5S
  • iPhone 6 and 6 plus
  • iPhone 6S and 6S plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7 and 7S plus

Features of iTools iOS 10.0.1

When you run the iTools then in the surface you can see three different categories in the App. Those are for Data management, device management and Advanced features. So now let we see the features one by one under those categories

Data management

If you are boring with your ringtone for the long time period then with the help of iTools iOS 10.0.1 you can customize and create your own Ringtone with Ringtone maker. And with the help of Data Migrate you can transfer data from your device to other devices. And here you can transfer Photos, videos, contact, memo, Calendar and etc. If you need to have an application backup, full data backup, Restore or anything then the Super Backup, Super Restore and iTunes Backup and restore will help you. Within the iTools file explorer you can go through your device and organize it as the way you want like delete files.

iTools iOS 10.0.1

Device management

This is also another feature available under the iTools iOS 10.0.1. With this you can enjoy save battery to boost device performance and more other App installation and uninstallation and also you can manage your iPhone, iPad with the help of Desktop Management Option.

iTools iOS 10.0.1

Advanced Features

And this is the other feature we can see in iTools. Within this users are able to Download new Firmware updates to their iDevices, Until this moment you are unable to use a jailbreak tool for iOS 10 but there is a feature that will help you to manage jail-broken device so this will help you in the future and also there is an advanced cache clearing feature and you can submit crash log details and perform many more with iTools.

iTools iOS 10.0.1

iTools iOS 10.0.1 installation guide

If you are updated your device to the iOS 10.0.1 then you will try to download iTools iOS 10.0.1 to your iDevice to have best iOS management.

OK let’s try to manage your iDevice with the updated iTools iOS 10.0.1 and you can do many things with the latest firmware. So without worrying with the iTunes try to have a useful iOS management with iTools.